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Rachel has been a part of both of my pregnancies and deliveries, which were quite different from one another. Yet I can’t imagine experiencing either one without her compassionate presence and caring support.

My first child was a natural, vaginal birth. I opted for no medications, but instead relied on the emotional support and guidance of both Rachel and my husband. Rachel played many roles during my delivery; gentle encourager, strong advocate, teacher, and photographer (to name a few). She took some amazing photographs during my labor and after the baby was born, capturing those precious, intimate moments in such a loving way. I will treasure those photographs forever.


When my husband and I learned that we were pregnant with our second child, we both knew we wanted Rachel to be present again. In fact, my husband said he wouldn’t feel comfortable in the delivery room without her!  She was so helpful for him in knowing what to expect, what was/wasn’t normal, guidance for how to advocate for yourself with the hospital staff, etc.


My second child, however, became breech at 36 weeks, and was ultimately born via C-section. Those weeks leading up to the birth were sad ones for me, as I had hoped for another natural, vaginal delivery. Rachel was a tremendous source of support and education during those weeks in particular, coming over and teaching me different positions that can help baby to turn, checking in on me often. Additionally, she provided me invaluable education on what to expect with a C-section, and what I needed to make decisions about ahead of time.  And while the hospital would only allow my husband to be present during the actual surgery, she was there both before and immediately afterwards. I can’t imagine having gone through it without her support. And, again, she took some amazing photographs!


Rachel provides a dynamic blend of compassionate care, helpful education, loving support and strong advocacy. Her presence during both of my births allowed me to be more at peace, and just enjoy the wild and amazing ride that bringing a baby into this world is.


~Lisa W.







Rachel Craig is one of the most compassionate women I know.  I had the privilege of her attending 2 of my 3 births.  Both times, she held my left hand while my husband, Travis held my right hand.


Rachel has the capacity to enter into the labor and birthing moment...she shows incredible patience, encouragement and love.  Her words are uplifting and words that reminds the woman of her own strength and the sacred event which she is entering into.


Rachel captures photos of first life.  As the early Celtic Christians said "in seeing the face of a newborn baby, one has seen the face of God".  Rachel captures these images and reminds us of His presence as new life is birthed into the world.


Rachel is incredibly gifted...not only can she offer a peaceful presence in the middle of one of life's messiest and hardest events, she then has the ability to capture these images which tell a story.  Her eye for detail and beauty are evidenced each time  a photo is taken.  I treasure the pictures that Rachel captured for me.  She has passion for her work and her presence is a gift during this time.


~Suzanne S.




Rachel is truly a gift to me and my husband, Mark. We delivered our first son in 2005 with her help, and we knew that if we were lucky enough to have another baby, we would want her by our side. It is obvious that her passion is being in the labor and delivery room providing tremendous support as our doula as well as documenting that unforgettable time with her talents as a photographer.


When we got pregnant with our second son, Rachel was right by our side, and it was so comforting to have her with us. She does not get in the way of the medical team, and she just has a way of relating to the hospital staff and to us that is so inviting and loving and humble. She knew just how to advocate for me when I needed her to, and two of the nurses were so impressed with her that they asked her to be their doulas when they delivered.


When we moved in 2011, I grieved not having Rachel with me as I delivered our third baby. I did use a doula in our area, and she was wonderful, but there is something extra special about Rachel, and it is just clear that she was created for this job.


~ Katie G.







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